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By Various

The rotten do-gooder face was once nonetheless status! regardless of all the harm Marauder had performed, all of the ideas he had damaged, and the entire underhanded methods he had pulled, Crusher simply stood there with that sickly lopsided grin on his face. Marauder picked up a metal chair, spun and faced Crusher as his probably unstoppable foe slowly stalked towards him. Marauder took a leap forward and with all of his could waffled Crusher sq. within the head with the chair. Crusher stumbled backwards and fell to at least one knee with a glance of surprised amazement on his face. nobody may see it below his masks, yet Marauder started to smile. Step into the squared circle for the final word showdown!

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A wrestler with this maneuver can spend 3 Essence to perform another move without any multi-action penalty. Double Team Essence Cost: 4 for each wrestler Tag teams gain their fame from working in synch with each other and pulling off amazing moves where one team member sets up an opponent for his partner’s devastating attack. ). The wrestler performing the move must already know how to use it. A successful move performed in concert with this maneuver has its damage increased by half again, with Signature Moves having their damage doubled (the damage is calculated and the total is multiplied by 2).

When a wrestler purchases the Finisher maneuver he must choose a particular move other than one of his Signature Moves and gives it a special name all his own (such as the Skull Krusher for a DDT). This move may only be performed if his opponent has less than half his permanent Endurance Points, but has its Damage Multiplier (usually the wrestler’s Strength) increased by +2 and gives the wrestler double the Essence he would gain from successfully performing a Signature Move. Interference Essence Cost: 4 Sometimes a little distraction can go a long way in the squared-circle.

Punch: A closed fist strike to the opponent’s head. This is illegal in most matches. Damage: D4 (2) x Strength. Scissor Kick: With his opponent bent at the waist, the attacker brings is leg up and back down across the back of the target’s neck. Damage: D4 (2) x (Strength+1). Spear: The attacker charges his opponent and strikes him with his shoulder. On a successful Spear and Dexterity Task the attacker and defender are both knocked to the mat. Damage: D4 (2) x Strength. Spin Kick: The attacker jumps into the air, spins 360˚, and thrusts his leg out to strike his opponent.

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