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By Leo Strauss

Xenophon's purely precise Socratic discourse, the Oeconomicus, is a discussion among Socrates and a gentleman-farmer at the paintings of family administration and the artwork of farming as practiced on a gentleman's property. it truly is mostly stated to be the oldest surviving paintings dedicated to "economics," and it constitutes the vintage assertion of "economic" suggestion in historical Greece. The discussion examines the jobs of husband and spouse within the loved ones and the department of work among them, and considers the tasks of the farm steward and the housekeeper. It discusses the targets of effective administration and the ability for reaching those ambitions.

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21) If I am speaking the truth, woman," I said, "it will be possible for us to try these things without suffering much loss or going to much trouble. Nor should we be discouraged, woman," I said, "by the difficulty of finding someone who can learn the places and remember to replace each kind of thing. (22) For we know very well that the whole city has ten thousand times what we have, yet when you tell any one of the servants to buy something for you in the market place, he is never at a loss—every one of them evidently knows where he has to go for each kind of thing.

6) "Perhaps there are some like this," said Socrates. " (7) "In looking you must test yourself, to see whether you can understand. " (8) "But far more ridiculous to yourself, by Zeus," he said. " (9) "That's because you look at them as you look at tragedies and comedies—not, I suppose, in order to become a poet, but rather that you may take pleasure in seeing or hearing something. " "No, by Zeus, no more than I suggest you buy children and equip them to be farmers; but it seems to me there are certain ages at which both horses and human beings are immediately useful as well as susceptible to improvement.

17 (10) And if the ruler of the garrison doesn't sufficiently defend the country, the one who rules the inhabitants and is concerned with the works brings an accusation against him on the ground that the people cannot work because of the lack of a guard; but if the ruler of the garrison provides peace for the works, while the ruler provides but few human beings and an inactive country, then the ruler of the garrison brings an accusation against him. (11) For those who work the land badly will hardly be able either to maintain the garrisons or to pay taxes.

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