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By Rumi, Raficq Abdulla

Illustrated with miniatures and borders from historical Islamic scripts, this quantity positive factors fifty five poems from the works of Jalaluddin Rumi. Rumi was once a 13th-century Persian mystic who believed that each one people can, in the event that they quit themselves to the ability of affection, stay in a situation of countless bliss. Raficq Abdulla makes use of rhythm and strong imagery to recreate the ecstatic nation which Rumi thought of so crucual to arrive enlightenment. An creation to the booklet units Rumi's lifestyles and philosophy in context and gives a few explanatory assistance to the poems. behind the e-book there are extra notes on each one poem, written via local Persian speaker Mehri Niknam, in addition to information regarding the paintings supplied by means of Tim Stanley, Deputy Curator on the Nasser D. Khalili choice of Islamic artwork.

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