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By Paul Ortega, Itziar Idiazabal, Andoni Barrena, Patxi Juaristi, Carme Junyent, Belen Uranga, Estibali

Global Languages overview goals to ascertain the sociolinguistic scenario of the area: to explain the linguistic variety that at the moment characterizes humanity, to judge developments in the direction of linguistic uniformity, and to set up a suite of directions or language making plans measures that favour the weaker or extra endangered linguistic groups, in order that somebody engaged in language making plans -government officers, establishment leaders, researchers, and group individuals- can enforce those measures.

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Village lands are controlled largely by two land-owning and cultivating groups, Kannada-speaking Jains, who form the majority, and Urdu-speaking Moslems. There are furthermore, large contingents of Kannada-speaking Lingayats – largely craftsmen, Marathi-speaking untouchables and other landless labourers, as well as some Telugu-speaking rope-makers. In spite of the differences in language use, Kupwar can be defined as a community in Labov’s sense because the evaluation of language use is shared by all members of this village though not by outsiders.

Table 1 shows how in the ‘Western Desert’ language of Central Australia a single endo lexeme was accompanied by up to eight exolexemes which eased understanding over a wide area (Table 1, based on Hansen 1984). The // indicates the boundary between endo (to the left) and exolexicon (to the right) in a number of desert communities. The word listed first is the preferred or most frequently used synonym within that community. All words listed before the double slash // are primary synonyms used in the community.

Degree of recognition by speakers and outsiders), types of solutions for intergroup communication with outside groups (bilingualism, lingua francas, Pidgins). 6. Some aspects of ecological support systems In what follows I shall consider some of the external factors that impinge on the nature of language ecologies, factors such as territory, speaker numbers, etc. 1 Language and territory The 6,000+ languages spoken around the world are not evenly distributed. Neither is there a simple formula for the relationship between language and topological space nor is there one for language and speaker numbers.

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