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By Eileen Green

Till lately the Sociology of relaxation used to be ruled via theoretical techniques which made women's stories invisible. Drawing upon feminist views this ebook re-conceptualises rest to be able to offer a extra educated figuring out of women's relaxation. The authors argue that such an exam inevitably contains a research of women's day-by-day lives which perspectives relaxation on the subject of the constitution in their lives as a complete. Drawing upon an immense examine of Sheffield women's relaxation and different assets, the procedures of negotiation and social regulate are pointed out as the most important in determing women's entry to unfastened time and the assets required to take pleasure in rest.

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Women’s Leisure, What Leisure?

Till lately the Sociology of rest was once ruled via theoretical ways which made women's reports invisible. Drawing upon feminist views this publication re-conceptualises relaxation with a view to offer a extra trained realizing of women's rest. The authors argue that such an exam inevitably includes a research of women's day-by-day lives which perspectives rest with regards to the constitution in their lives as a complete.

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Perhaps, then, by attempting to study leisure we are abstracting certain social practices from the broader framework which is culture. Some forms of leisure, most notably the reading of magazines, and popular literature, film and television, have been examined within cultural studies. The broad range of cultural forms that have been examined might be taken as showing that cultural studies is best defined by its critical approach. This is not to deny that within cultural studies there has also been debate (usually healthy) and dissent about approach, rooted in the debates between the often overly polarised 'culturalist' and 'structuralist' traditions.

Across the range of experiences which we might think of as leisure we are actively involved with the production of meaning, whether we are reproducing the status quo or challenging it. Capitalism, patriarchy and ideologies of leisure 37 Conclusion An adequate understanding of leisure needs to situate it in its social context - in our case within a social organisation that is fundamentally patriarchal and fundamentally capitalist. An important area of study which offers a useful critical framework for theorising leisure is that of cultural studies.

Why is it that women can sometimes be said to collude in their own oppression? In order to account for this we need to take account of the role of ideology. By ideology, we understand the complex system of perceptions and representations through which we experience ourselves and come to make sense of the world. Our own perspective is closest to that of Barrett (1980), who states that whilst ideology exists in and through material apparatuses, such as schools or the media, and in their practices, it does not automatically follow that ideology is itself material.

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