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Both cocaine and crack excite the central nervous system, creating an intense "high" (feeling of euphoria) in the user that lasts about 10 minutes, depending on the route of administration. For example, the "high" from snorting Page 2 cocaine lasts longer than that from smoking crack, but it is less intense. This "high" is quickly followed by a "crash"an intense feeling of anxietyand by a craving to avoid that anxiety. This vicious cycle can quickly result in addiction. Cocaine/crack use immediately causes dilation of the pupils, a rise in blood pressure, quickened breathing, raised body temperature, and increased heart rate.

Page 6 Additional Dangers Even when you've debunked the myths surrounding cocaine/crack use, some additional dangers remain. First, cocaine/crack is an illegal drug that passes through a number of distribution layers before it is bought by a user. At each level, an illegal profit is made, which encourages corruption at every level. Second, because of cocaine/crack traffcking's high profits, maintaining a cocaine/crack habit is expensive. Very often, those who use the drug become involved in illegal activities to support their habit (for example, stealing, dealing, or becoming involved in gang activity).

These infants suffer the terrible effects of drug withdrawal, plus a number of other negative physical and psychological consequences. Cocaine/crack contains a number of impurities left over from its manufacturing process: leaded gasoline, kerosene, benzene, lime. Before it's sold, cocaine/crack is diluted ("cut" or "stepped on") with substances such as amphetamines, talcum powder, baking soda, and other miscellaneous substances, so that most street cocaine/crack has a purity of less than 50%. Users, therefore, are also ingesting other substances that can be very harmful to health.

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