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By Ann Pollard Rowe, Laura M. Miller, Lynn A. Meisch

Even though much less renowned than its much-admired opposite numbers in Peru and Bolivia, highland Ecuadorian weaving is an Andean culture that has relationships with those extra southern parts. a global clear of the industrialized cloth production of Euro-American society, those home made items replicate the historical past and artistry of an historic tradition. This finished examine, edited by way of Ann Pollard Rowe, is unmatched in its aspect and comprises not just descriptions of the indigenous weaving and dyeing expertise, but in addition an interpretation of its old value, in addition to thousands of photos, drawings, and maps that tell the certainty of the method. The vital concentration is on backstrap-loom weaving, a big pre-Hispanic know-how. Ecuadorian backstrap looms, which range in numerous methods from these chanced on in other places within the Andes, have formerly in basic terms been handled ordinarily phrases. right here, the elemental operation of this sort of loom is roofed, as are numerous patterning innovations together with warp-resist (ikat) dyeing, weaving belts with twill, and supplementary- and complementary-warp patterning. Spanish colonial treadle-loom weaving is usually lined. The weaving strategies are defined intimately, so the reader can reflect them if wanted. Textiles were a tremendous artwork shape between Andean peoples from distant prehistory as much as the current. a better realizing in their construction strategy can yield a extra significant appreciation of the paintings itself.

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One Otavalo weaver we observed, José Manuel Bautista, uses a dovetail stake with the end only slightly hollowed out. With the warp under tension, he places the small stick into this hollow and pushes the dovetail stake out quickly. This maneuver is rather tricky and would take practice. Luis Virgilio Pupiales, in Paniquindra in eastern Imbabura province, holds the old stick in his left hand and the new one in his right and transfers each loop of the warp individually from one stick to the other with his fingers.

We obtained weaving data Introduction 9 from Nitiluisa in the San Juan area, which is north and west of the provincial capital of Riobamba, from several of the sixteen Cacha communities, which are not far south of Riobamba, and from towns in the Colta area, surrounding Lake Colta. There is a separate costume style area in eastern Chimborazo province and also in the southern part of the province, south of Guamote, where costume starts to look like that in Cañar province to the south. The main ethnic group in Cañar province is the Cañaris (since the early 2000s also spelled Kañaris), living in many small communities centering on the town of Cañar (Map 5).

If there are two cross stakes, the second one may be used to form the shed for the secondary shed rod (Fig. 15). Thus, in one round, the warp will pass behind the second cross stake in both directions, and in the next, it will pass behind both cross stakes in one direction and in front of both on the return. If only one cross stake is used in warping but the weaver wants to use two shed rods, the shed for the second shed rod is hand picked when the loom is set up (as in Azuay province). The end of the warp yarn is usually simply tied to the dovetail stake.

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