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By Martin Schanz

In this booklet, a numerical approach to deal with wave propagation difficulties in poroelastic and viscoelastic media is built and evaluated. the tactic of selection is the Boundary aspect strategy (BEM) considering this technique implicitly fulfills the Sommerfeld radiation . The an important aspect in any time-dependent BEM formula discovering time-dependent primary strategies is conquer applying the Convolution Quadrature technique. This quadrature rule makes it attainable to set up a boundary aspect time-stepping strategy in keeping with the identified Laplace area basic recommendations for viscoelastic and poroelastic continua. utilizing this technique, e.g., tremors produced via earthquakes or machines should be pre-calculated and next constructions avoided from such disturbances.

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2 Comparison with the "classical" time domain BE formulation Above the proposed method was validated with a comparison to the l-d analytical solution. Now, the method is compared to the classical boundary element method in time domain proposed by Mansur [126]. This method is widely used in elastodynamics or acoustic, but a time domain fundamental solution is necessary. Compared to the method proposed here, the obvious advantage of the classical formulation concerns efficiency. In the classical formulation, the fundamental solutions are zero before the compression wave arrive at a distinct location r (causality of the solution) and in 3-d also when the slower shear wave had passed the location r.

4) with the fourth order material tensor Cijkl. 5) with respect to the first and second couple of indices. 2) the stress can be expressed (Jij 1 = Cijkl'2 (Uk,l 1 + Ul,k) = '2 (CijkIUk,l + CijlkUI,k) = CijklUk,l . 6) Next, the integral formulation of the above given problem can be derived. 1 Integral equation for elastodynamics The mostly used possibilities to get the integral equation are either a formal mathematical way using weighted residuals or a more physical using the reciprocal work theorem.

First, constitutive equations for linear viscoelasticity are recalled and the well known elastic-viscoelastic correspondence principle is introduced. 1) of Gijkl (t) the fourth order material tensor and dEkl (t) the first order derivative of the symmetric strain tensor Ekl (t). ikl (t) =0 for -oo

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