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By Leon Brillouin

Classic therapy of wave propagation covers a vast number of issues of a typical mathematical history, from sturdy nation physics to propagation alongside electrical traces, X-rays, relaxation rays, sure optical reflections, electric engineering, and wave mechanics of the spinning electron. "Delightfully written." — Max Born. 131 illustrations. 1946 edition.

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The transmission line parameters are the following: l = 20 cm, w = 200 µm, t = 42 µm 44 Multi-Gigabit Transmission over Multimode Optical Fibre The top line is the 50 Ω reference load expressed in dB-ohm. Different metal conductivities originate different thickness frequencies, as represented by the corner frequencies positions. 18), the slope is not a function of metal conductivity, nor of metal thickness. 16) constitute the transmission line inductance model. 6 The Inductance Model In previous sections a simplified model was derived for the resistance RTL of a generic transmission line according to the skin effect and local plane wave approximation.

Left top represents the single pulse according to the unity roll-off raised cosine profile, while the left bottom graph shows the corresponding eye diagram in normalized bit time units. 9) This value refers to ideal eye diagrams with no added jitter or ISI and the average eye opening coincides with the decision threshold amplitude for each level. The receiver sensitivity for a given bit error rate (BER) is determined by the Q-factor defined below, where d is the decision threshold distance and σ is the total RMS noise amplitude.

11) Using the case of Example 1, the DC resistance takes the value given in Example 2. 5 The Resistance Model The simple theory developed in previous sections leads to a model for the resistance of a transmission line versus frequency. As already stated, this model is based on the approximation that the electromagnetic field is incident on the transmission line as a plane wave and that the guiding properties of the transmission line does not contribute much to the behavior of the waveguide losses.

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