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By Sheri Fink

In April 1992, a handful of younger physicians, no longer one in every of them a general practitioner, used to be trapped besides 50,000 males, girls, and kids within the embattled enclave of Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina. There the medical professionals confronted the main excessive specialist, moral, and private predicaments in their lives.
Drawing on huge interviews, files, and recorded fabrics she accumulated over 4 and a part years, health care provider and journalist Sheri Fink tells the harrowing--and finally enlightening--story of those physicians and the 3 who attempt to support them: an idealistic internist from medical professionals without boundary lines, who hopes that interposition of overseas reduction employees might help hinder a bloodbath; an aspiring Bosnian health practitioner prepared to stroll via minefields to arrive the civilian wounded; and a Serb medical professional at the contrary facet of front line with the military that's motive on destroying his former colleagues.
With constrained assets and a makeshift medical institution overflowing with sufferers, how can those medical professionals make a decision who to avoid wasting and who to permit die? Will their responsibility to regard sufferers come into clash with their very own fight to outlive? And are there instances while clinical and humanitarian reduction mockingly delay warfare and human anguish instead of assisting to alleviate it?

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