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By Carol Hegarty

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2) Fusion, where two or more continuants fuse into a new continuant (earlier continuants cease to exist; examples include water and ions crystallizing into a new mineral at t; two magmas mixing at instant t; P- and Y-slip surfaces merging and becoming a new slip surface). Unification (Smith and Brogaard, 2003), which is a close relative of the fusion relation, in which two or more continuants join, but continue to exist, in a new complex continuant (for example, pebbles of many older rocks unifying in a conglomerate; porphyroclasts of older minerals unifying in a mylonite).

2006, Concept Systems and Ontologies: Journal of Biomedical Informatics, v. 39, no. 3, p. 274–287. , 2008, The Structure of Objects: New York, Oxford University Press, 288 p. , 2007, Organizing Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organizational Effectiveness: Oxford, UK, Chandos Publishing, 277 p. , 2000, Composite objects, in Part-Whole Reasoning: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, v. 1771: New York, Springer, p. 21–30. , 2000, The Logic of Knowledge Bases: Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, 282 p.

FractureSet memberOf FractureSystem, for the sets of fractures forming in shear zones. SiteNT3-01A memberOf NanTroSEIZESiteCollection. The portionOf relation relates a homeomerous, separable, and nonfunctional part to a homogeneous whole. For example, WorkingCoreSplit portionOf Core represents the portion of the core, other than the archive core split, that is set aside for different analyses. Other examples include: SpotCoreSample portionOf RoundCoreSample; DrillingMudSample portionOf DrillingMud.

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