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  • March 28, 2017
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By Andre Norton

First paperback printing, Ace G-703. Waking by surprise and in advance from their iciness sleep on the earth Janus, Ayyar and his Iftin comrades (who have been Earth colonists ahead of their transformation into Ifts) discover a adversarial strength threatening their fort, the good tree castle of Iftsiga. it really is quickly obvious that their historic enemy, an awfully robust --- yet by no means obvious --- evil strength, has risen back and is marshalling all its energy to rid the planet of the peace-loving Ifts.

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Ayyar caught at scraps of memory dim and faded, yet his blood ran quicker, like the sap rising joyfully through the Great Crowns and all that grew in the Forest, as he remembered this small picture and that. Spring was for seeding, not for death. Yet death had been forced upon Ayyar once before and now faced him again. He had his hand and a sword in it—that was the way for Ift to ever front the Enemy! There was a buzz—davez, his mind identified—very early for that insect to seek the river. He lay very still.

The creature flung back its head, voiced one of the shrill howls that hurt Iftin ears and rang inside Iftin minds. So having summoned, it trotted forward to hunker down well beyond the range of any prudent sword. A movement beside Ayyar caught his eye. Rizak fumbled at the belt of the off-worlder he had guided. His hand moved jerkily, force of will tensing his body until his fingers closed about the butt of the blaster holstered there. With strained, clumsy movements, he brought that hand around, as though the light weapon in his grip was an almost intolerable weight.

Sal smoke had knocked out one of them, but his fellow had been in the cabin. Had enough of the fumes entered there? The off-worlder emerged crouching, his eyes darting from side to side, surveying the smoking brush wall. Hooking one hand in the fabric of his fellow's tunic, he tried to drag Rashon back to the cabin. But the fact that his comrade was a larger and heavier man made that difficult. However, he made a valiant try, refusing to put up his weapon. Wind drove smoke about him. Ayyar heard a desperate burst of coughing.

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