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By Jiri Valenta

This can be a entire monograph at the difficulties of intoxication incurred by means of snake venom. This e-book is basically meant for these in any respect degrees of future health care, for contributors of rescue groups, surgical procedures and emergency hospitals, in addition to specialized offices and extensive care devices. offering didactic directions for first reduction and therapy methods, info is usually awarded on venomous snakes, the fundaments in their morphology and behavior, snakebite prevention, the composition of snake venom, indicators of envenoming, plus first reduction within the occasion of snakebite for non-professionals, guests, terrain biologists, and breeders. This ebook beneficial properties an up to date alphabetical record of varieties and sub-types of all venomous snakes, together with their domestic levels, in addition to a accomplished index, record of abbreviations, word list, and color photograph insert with 100 pictures of venomous snakes.

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SNAKE VENOMS - PHYSICAL TRAITS AND COMPOSITION Snake venom produced and stored in venom glands is a viscous liquid of either a white, yellow color, or of a dark orange hue depending on the species, age, and condition of the snake. Fresh native venom can be clear, or polluted with the epithelia of ducts and mucin floccules. The operation and effectiveness of a liquid venom has certain time limits. Under normal temperatures, the destruction of toxins takes place outside the venom apparatus, which in part is caused by proteolytic enzymes of the animal and by bacterial activity.

New Zealand and most of other Pacific islands are not inhabited by venomous snakes at all. Naturally, the Pacific and Indian Ocean are home ranges of marine venomous snakes. Even though venoms in these animals are highly effective, the epidemiological relevance is quite low: snakebites are not very frequent, concerning mostly local fishermen. 03 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants a year. Thus, several envenomings per year present mortal cases. In the period from 1981 to 1991, total 18 envenomed persons died in Australia, with 11 deaths caused by brown snakes, Pseudonaja and 4 deaths caused by tiger snakes, Notechis; 2 affected persons succumbed to snakebites of taipans (Oxyuranus) and a single person died from the snakebite caused by a death adder (Acanthophis).

IRESTEDT, B. A study of 136 cases of adder bite treated in Swedish hospitals during one year. Acta Med Scand, 1981, 210, No. 6, pp. 433-439. POZIO, E. Venomous snake bites in Italy: epidemiological and clinical aspects. Trop Med Parasit, 1988, 39, pp. 62-66. REID, HA. Adder bites in Britain. Br Med J, 1976, 2, No. 6028, pp. 153-156. , et al. Kinin-releasing enzyme from the venom of Bitis arietans (Puff Adder). Biochim Biophys Acta, 1986, 884, No. 3, p. 502-509. Epidemiology of Snakebites 25 SUTHERLAND, SK.

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