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By Russell W. Glenn

In each operation, the capabilities of command, regulate, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and communications are all primary to good fortune. yet in towns, the dense inhabitants, many synthetic constructions, and different demanding situations act to critically abate those services in numerous methods. This monograph contemplates the character of these demanding situations and proposes numerous suggestions to surmount them in either the quick and longer phrases.

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Unfortunately, this is the least reliable form of intelligence. Local civilians may pass on what they think friendly-force intelligence collectors want to hear rather than the truth, either in accord with their own cultural norms or under the assumption that such “kindness” will improve the payment received for information. Indigenous personnel may be under the control of the enemy or opposing factions and thus told to provide false or marginally valuable data. Intelligence personnel will therefore have to cultivate local sources carefully and attempt to obtain verification of the information they provide.

This initial action is sometimes critical to keeping the enemy from escaping the built-up area to fight again. More often it is crucial to denying that foe access to reinforcements and resupply that would allow him to perpetuate his defense. Urban endeavors will frequently make extraordinary demands on operational-level commanders. 2 Studying recent conflicts assists both in identifying how better to serve the strategic objectives sought and in determining the extent to which that complexity will complicate a commander’s task.

S. htm, accessed July 2, 2003. S. Forces Somalia. S. and UN force commitment in Mogadishu made demands similar to what future commanders are sure to experience in urban areas worldwide. Americans had conducted and supported missions involving the gamut of support, stability, defensive, and offensive operations during their time in the Horn of Africa. A Call for Moving Urban Command and Control Doctrine into the 21st Century 11 While there were shortfalls with regard to the command of these enterprises, there was also much in the way of success.

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