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By Peter Bartelmus

Does cash blur views for a greater existence? Lifting the cash veil from our yardsticks of development, source of revenue and wealth, finds the trade-offs of financial development. The publication provides new signs of the social, monetary and ecological affects of our life and creation strategies. the indications aid to spot these liable for those affects and account for his or her responsibility by way of environmental and different (''social'') bills. Sustainable improvement is to result in long term prosperity with out undermining its average starting place. For the overview of the opaque idea we want either, actual influence measures and environmentally converted (''green'') signs of source of revenue, capital and output. Peter Bartelmus opens the discussion among usually adversarial camps of economists and environmentalists, info manufacturers and clients, and scientists and coverage makers. jointly, they could steer us in the direction of a sustainable destiny.

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The debate about material flow analysis, as a reaction to the Wuppertal Institute’s “Sustainable Germany” study (BUND/Misereor 1996) is well known in Germany (Linz 1998), and there is no need for going into details here. On the other hand, more attention should be paid to the criticism of monetary valuation in the SEEA. Putting a monetary value on environmental effects permits a high degree of integration of these effects with economic standard variables. Unfortunately such valuation has often been the reason for official national statistical services to opt out of greening the SNA, even in a parallel (satellite) system.

4 Allocating the material flows to the importing sectors, for instance in physical input-output tables, establishes a first link to economic activity. Further steps are necessary, however, to relate TMR to a sustainability notion for economic performance. As discussed above, this requires the introduction of a normative sustainability standard like Factor 4. Ratios of TMR over GDP and its reciprocal value GDP per TMR measure the material intensity and resource productivity of economic performance.

1995). Der “Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare”: Eine Fallstudie für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1950–1992. Texte und Materialien der Forschungsstätte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft. Heidelberg. European Commission (1999). Towards a European Set of Environmental Headline Indicators (draft). Eurostat (2001). Economy-wide Material Flow Accounts and Derived Indicators — A Methodological Guide. Luxembourg: Eurostat. Gawel, E. (1998). Das Elend der Stoffstromökonomie — Eine Kritik. Konjunkturpolitik 44 (2), 173-206.

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