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RELEVANCE TO PUBLIC HEALTH Cancer. The relationship between iodide intake and thyroid cancer has been examined in several large-scale epidemiology studies. The results of these studies suggest that increased iodide intake may be a risk factor for thyroid cancer in certain populations, particularly in populations in iodine-deficient, endemic goiter regions. Not all studies have found an increased risk of cancer; however, a recurrent observation is an apparent shift in the histopathology toward a higher prevalence of papillary cancer after increased iodine intake in otherwise iodine-deficient populations.

And Paul et al. In the Boyages et al. study, thyroid status was compared in groups of children, ages 7–15 years, who resided in two areas of China where drinking water iodide concentrations were either 462 µg/L (n=120) or 54 µg/L (n=51). Although the subjects were all euthyroid with normal values for serum thyroid ***DRAFT FOR PUBLIC COMMENT*** IODINE 25 2. RELEVANCE TO PUBLIC HEALTH hormones and TSH concentrations, TSH concentrations were significantly higher in the high iodine group. The prevalence and severity of goiter in the population were evaluated, the latter based on a goiter severity classification scale (Grade 0, no visible goiter; Grade 1, palpable goiter that is not visible when the neck is not extended; Grade 2, palpable and visible goiter when the neck is not extended).

Studied elderly nursing home residents in the Carpathian Basin and revealed a prevalence of hypothyroidism that increased with increasing iodine intake. 012 mg/kg/day for low, n=119; moderate, n=135; or high intake, n=92, respectively). 6% in the low, moderate, and high iodine groups, respectively. 012 mg/kg/day. 008 mg/kg/day. 0029 mg/kg/day) during pregnancy and lactation, respectively. ***DRAFT FOR PUBLIC COMMENT*** IODINE 27 3. 1 INTRODUCTION The primary purpose of this chapter is to provide public health officials, physicians, toxicologists, and other interested individuals and groups with an overall perspective on the toxicology of iodine.

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