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By Laurel and Associates

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4. Write a short paragraph explaining why you think the author chose to write about the particular time and place of the novel’s setting. 5. Draw a simple map, showing various locations mentioned in the novel. 6. Choose any page from the novel. Rewrite all the dialogue. 7. Playing the role of a newspaper reporter, write a brief article describing one of the events that occurs in the novel. 2. Write a description of the daily life of ordinary people at the time this story was written. Use library resources to find information.

2. ____________________ was plain on Madame Bonacieux’s face. 3. A ____________________ of wind lifted Rochefort’s hat. 4. If necessary, Milady would use Constance Bonacieux as a ____________________. 5. Milady dropped a small ____________________ into the glass of wine. 6. Madame Bonacieux’s voice faded and she ____________________ to the floor. 7. Athos said there was no ____________________ for the poison Milady uses. 8. “Soon I’ll be leaving with D’Artagnan,” Constance __________________. 9.

_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 5. How is this conflict finally resolved? _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 6. Does the plot outcome make the character happy? ______________________ Explain how. ___________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 7.

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