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This paintings is a suite of character-sketches of these who can be met in Athens within the past due fourth century BC. This version provides a extensively superior textual content and a translation which, whereas readable, continues the nuances of the Greek. The remark is finished, protecting each characteristic of the text.

summary: This paintings is a set of character-sketches of these who can be met in Athens within the overdue fourth century BC. This version provides a significantly enhanced textual content and a translation which, whereas readable, continues the nuances of the Greek. The remark is entire, protecting each function of the textual content

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Reinsch, J. Wiesner. i: Alexandrien-London (Berlin and New York 1976). Wilson ap. Stein 3 n. 4. 43 I N T RO D U C T I O N collation in Torraca (1974). 150 Both collated from photographs. Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Vat. gr. 110 (no. 61 Wilson). Late 13th cent. (N. G. Wilson, in La Pal´eographie grecque et byzantine (Colloqu. Internat. , no 559, Paris 1977) 264). Contains XVI–XXX. Matelli 348–59. 151 V (ii) a (descendants of A) A has several direct descendants, derived from a common source, a, which has two branches, a1 and a2 .

I begin with two sketches, VIII and XXIII, which allude to historical persons and events. In XXIII the ìAlazÛn claims that he campaigned with Alexander (§3), that he has received three invitations from Antipater to visit him in Macedonia, and that he has declined the offer of permission to export Macedonian timber duty-free through fear of attack by sycophants (§4). He also claims that he made voluntary contributions to needy citizens ‘in the grainshortage’ (§5). Antipater was appointed by Alexander as his military deputy in Macedonia in 334, and his appointment was confirmed after Alexander’s death ( June 323).

113 Like Stein, I do not exclude the possibility of a later date of 112 113 See p. 33. For further comment on his type see the Introductory Note to XXVI. 35 I N T RO D U C T I O N composition, even during a period of oligarchy. I do not even exclude composition in the 330s, for a reason which I shall give at the conclusion to this section. A date before 322 has been suggested for other sketches too. 2, 5, 6). During the oligarchy of Phocion the qualification for citizenship (and so for attendance at the Assembly and service on juries) was 2,000 drachmas, under Demetrius 1,000.

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