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By Bernard S. Schlessinger, June H. Schlessinger

The newly up-to-date 3rd version profiles all the 658 members and associations who've got the Nobel Prize seeing that 1901. Formatted for simple use, the publication lists the laureates chronologically by means of self-discipline. each one access comprises crucial biographical information regarding the Nobel laureate in addition to a statement describing the Nobel Foundation's purposes for granting the award. 4 indexes make it effortless to go looking for award winners by way of identify, nationality or citizenship, academic establishment attended, or faith.

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Naturally, many of these nominations recur from year to year. To acquire as all-round a picture as possible, the committees have commissioned specialists to investigate the weight and significance of the research performed by the various potential candidates for prizes. These investigators, who present their reports to the committee in question, can be up to 20 in number and are naturally required to observe the strictest confidentiality. " Similar deliberations have to be made in chemistry; for example, whether to give priority to organic or inorganic chemistry.

W. , Denton, TX Page 1 MAIN ENTRY SECTION Page 3 Chemistry 1901 1 Van't Hoff, Jacobus Henricus Prize: Chemistry, 1901. Born: August 30, 1852; Rotterdam, Netherlands. Death: March 1, 1911; Berlin, Germany. Parents: Father, Jacobus Henricus Van't Hoff; Mother, Alida Jacoba Kalff Van't Hoff. Nationality: Dutch. Religion: No organized religion; most probably Christian/Protestant background. Education: Polytechnic School, Netherlands, technology diploma, 1871; Univ. of Utrecht, Netherlands, doctorate, 1874.

This is perhaps a correct surmise, but the fund was to be administered by people about whom Nobel knew nothing. The actual choice of Laureates, it is true, was entrusted to three institutions and a committee appointed by the Norwegian Storting, but not even in this case did Nobel give any thought to the procedural details. There was a touch of flamboyant gesture about Nobel's will as he cast his millions into the air, without inquiring too closely where they were going to land. The main thing was that they should not get into the pockets of his legal heirs.

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