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By Horst Rinne

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1). The densities of the one–parameter distributions are fX (x | 0, 1, c) = c xc−1 exp(−xc ), fX (x | 0, b, 1) = x 1 , exp − b b fX (x | a, 1, 1) = exp{−(x − a)}. 18) Corresponding curves can be found in Figures 2/1 to 2/3 also. 15), either only scaled or only shifted. So c = 1 always leads to an exponential distribution. 16), the shape–version, is called reduced or normalized W EIBULL density. It will be analyzed in Sect. 3. The reduced or normalized form within a distribution family, having, among other parameters, a location parameter and a scale parameter, results by setting the location parameter equal to zero and the scale parameter equal to one.

This process X should tend to drift downward (decrease) with time as wear builds up; if X is the operational age or wear–and– tear process, then it should tend to drift upward. , an external shock such as the tire’s abrupt encounter with a sharp portion of road surface) severe enough to overcome current strength. We denote by τ the time of passage of the X process to the critical level. It seems reasonable that the rate of fatal shocks should be modeled as a decreasing function of component strength or an increasing function of component wear–and–tear.

5) Then, he reduced one of the exponents to the other exponent by equating m = n − 1. (6) This leads to an equation to be integrated in closed form a n 1 − e−b x . 1 Genesis of the W EIBULL distribution 11 Original German text English translation F¨ur xmax = s wird D = 100, woraus man weiter erh¨alt xmax = s leads to D = 100 and further to a= 100 n b . 1 − e−b sn Hierin kann e−b s Dann ergibt sich (8) n ≈ 0 gesetzt werden. D = F (x) = 100 1 − e−b x n , n n 100 n b n . 1 − e−b s (8) n In (8) one can set e−b s ≈ 0.

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