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By Irene E. Riegner

The Vanishing Hebrew Harlot is written with targets: First, to get better the center which means of the Hebrew stem ZNH as a fancy of non-Yahwist rituals, deities, associations and ideology customary in historical Israel and Judah. With this knowing, the writer assigns the interpretation price «participate in non-Yahwist non secular praxis» to ZNH. the second one aim is to appreciate how this middle which means got here to be encrusted with promiscuity, prostitution, and detestable issues, and, specially, with adultery, a capital offense, in addition to with non secular illness and its damaging results. within the biblical texts, the stem ZNH, which includes a complicated of non-Yahwist non secular practices, operates in a strong, adverse courting to the Yahwist advanced of spiritual practices. given that non-Yahwist sacrifices symbolize the repudiation of Yahweh, non-Yahwist sacrifices arouse fierce competition. The prophets Hosea and Jeremiah seize this antagonistic courting and of their advocacy for Yahweh infuse non-Yahwist praxis with photos of illicit sexual encounters and with the creation of non secular infection that may bring about the devastation of Israel and Judah and to the exile in their population. the recent constitution of ZNH that emerges with Hosea and Jeremiah is person who re-visions ZNH actions via incorporating repugnant sexual imagery and devastating theological illness into the middle of non-Yahwist praxis. notwithstanding, ZNH additionally has a sexual signification in contexts which are self sufficient of and distinctive from cultic contexts. The stem ZNH is tested in its historic close to jap atmosphere, however the thrust of this examine is the research of ZNH in its Hebrew textual surroundings utilizing suggestions from cognitive linguistics: community of institutions, linked commonplaces, and mixing.

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See also ANET, 183; Roth, 167–69. 10 For the Hittite laws, see Harry A. , The Laws of the Hittites: A Critical Edition (Leiden: Brill, 1997) 153. 28 The Vanishing Hebrew Harlot 1. DU-SA pa-at-tu a harlot shall not be veiled; her head must be uncovered (MAL 40)11 2. qadiltu ... KID/ḫarīmtu, must be unveiled. On the other hand, a qadiltu/qadis̆tu straddles both classes of women: She may be veiled or unveiled. KID/ḫarīmtu and must go unveiled, bareheaded; however, if she is married, she is no longer a ḫarīmtu and must wear a veil.

Scholarly Research In the scholarly literature, hnz with the traditional lexical meaning of “prostitute, commit fornication, be promiscuous” is entangled with the scholarly assumption of sexual activity in the religions of Canaan and Mesopotamia. Cultic Sex Rituals in the Ancient Near East and Ugarit Until late last century, scholars assumed that Canaanite and Mesopotamian religious praxis included a widespread and strong component of cultic sexual activity and promiscuity. Nineteenth century commentators allude to the allegedly repulsive, sexual customs of Canaan and Mesopotamia.

51) Wie eine Schlange, die aus einem Loche herauskommt, um die als dann Vögel schwärmen (52) so um mich die Leute mögen sich schlagen! (53) Im Hage der Ištar. . (55) fasset ihn, bringt ihn herbei, begütigt ihn, (56) den Fernen, daβ er sich wende, den Zürnenden, daβ er sich wieder zukehre, (57) gleichwie Gold sein Herz wende sich mir wieder zu. (Zimmern, 174-5). [This text and the others transcribed in this article were pieced together from Berl. VAT 9728 (Assur), which is a duplicate of Lond.

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