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By Deborah Chester

Males. One is a prince of royal blood. the opposite is a half-breed, half human, half elf. however the half that's human can also be royal. ladies. One is a princess, pampered and safe. the opposite lives within the woodland, the chief of a band of rebels. She too has 11 blood.This is their story--the story of affection and hate, braveness and cowardliness, and magic either darkish and light... KLIATT has praised Deborah Chester's novels for being "exciting," "page-turners," and "suspenseful"

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He pressed his hand against her lips, silencing her, and shook his head. Never had he regretted taking her as his wife. He loved her still as he had the first day he saw her dancing in the woods with her companions. She had been singing, wearing a chain of flowers in her hair, which had flowed unbound over her shoulders. Her song was like magic, so pure of note and expressive that he had felt enspelled by it. His gaze would not leave her. And although she had laughed and run, vanishing into the trees, he had pursued her, seeking her among the eldin until she was found.

If I could reach the eld folk,” he said aloud. But even as he spoke, he knew it was futile. He had the Ring to help him escape and return, but despite that he knew not where to go. The eld folk never stayed in a place long. And Nereisse had already said a Page 33 sorcerellecould not help her. Still, he would not give up. “The bathing tub,” he said in sudden inspiration. “Have the servants fill it with water. ” Gilda gasped. ” “She’s burning up. We must do something. Gilda, get the tub. Call the pages to help—” He broke off, only then realizing what he’d said.

Faldain rolled onto his stomach and began crawling away as fast as he could. Tobeszijian let Suchin chase the child and instead went to one of the cupboards and opened it. He pulled out items of clothing at random, surprised at how small they were, and how finely made. Frowning, Tobeszijian looked in vain for sturdy clothing suitable for travel. Had they no hardspun, no leggings, no — “Here, sire,” Suchin said, reappearing with two cups of eldin silver and necklaces of ribbon twisted with gold wire from which pendants of bard crystal hung.

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