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By Maxwell Grant (Walter B. Gibson)

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The effect of his action was startling. It was the spark that kindled the fire of rage among the foeman. One purpose dominated the entire throng of Chinese: that their victim should not depart alive. If Cleve had supposed that his enemies were armed only with long, wicked knives, he now learned his mistake. As though by given signal, a dozen revolvers flashed into view. Cleve did not wait for the firing to start. He blazed away with his revolver, straight at the nearest group of opponents. One Chinaman fell.

They saw a shadow there! But there was no mystery to this shadow. It belonged to a gentleman who was dining alone at a table close by - scarcely within earshot of Cleve Branch and Joseph Darley. Cleve watched as the gentleman arose and strolled from the dining room, his shadow moving with him. A waiter was bowing as the man went by. Evidently a guest at the hotel - not a person whom one could connect with darkened alleyways and sinister dives in Chinatown. The departing guest was speaking to the head waiter at the door of the dining room.

He heard the door of the anteroom close. Then came a cackling laugh - the harsh chuckle that Ling Soo used when he was pleased. Hiding, Cleve relied only on his ears. He heard talk close by; probably at the dragon doors. The words were uttered in Chinese, by Ling Soo. A short response in the same language came from the lips of Foy. The brass doors clanged shut. A slight, scarcely audible movement now told that Foy alone was in the hallway. Cleve peered forth to see the Chinese servant headed toward the anteroom.

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