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By Gloria S. Merker

'This is a crucial paintings that contributes tremendously to either the examine of terracotta collectible figurines and to our figuring out of the character and behavior of the cult on the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore....It is easily geared up and good illustrated, vitally important attributes for any archaeological paintings. The distinct notes and huge bibliography are reflective of the cautious cognizance to element that Merker screens in the course of the research. This quantity maintains the excessive point of scholarship inside the 3 past volumes and is a precious addition to the series.' - Scott Moore (Bryn Mawr Classical assessment 02.02.2002) This quantity publishes the terracotta collectible figurines of the Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman classes from the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore on Acrocorinth. The coroplastic reveals from this web site, numbering in overall approximately 24,000 collectible figurines and fragments, significantly improve the identified physique of Corinthian collectible figurines not just in quantity but in addition within the addition of many completely new forms and elegance. operating a ways past the output of the Potters' sector workshops, the Corinthian coroplasts are printed as artistic, frequently hugely adept in method, and attuned to stylistic advancements within the plastic arts ordinarily.

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161-162. 16 CorinthXIII, p. 271, grave 420; p. 282, grave 453; pp. 292-293, grave 496; on the possible unreliabilityof some of the dates of these graves, see Corinth XVIII, i, p. 3. C. C. C. 20 Occasionally, a grave group found elsewhere with imported Corinthian figurines will provide a datable context. 22 When these chronological resources fail, stylistic or iconographic relationships can sometimes be established with sculpture, particularly votive reliefs, or occasionally with vase painting, to date approximately the archetype of a figurine.

Most Corinthian figurines were not fired very hard, with the exception of fabrics 3 and 4, which have the thinnest walls. Many Corinthian figurines, when touched, leave a slight powdery deposit on the hands. This softness may be, in part, the cause of the blurred modeling seen in so many Corinthian figurines; that is, the blurring may have been caused as much by surface wear during the figurines' period of use and burial as by the use of dull molds. 42 To avoid unnecessary repetition in the catalogue, the different fabrics will be referred to there by number, and a full description given only in this chapter.

Largerfigurines,still held comfortablyin the hand, up to ca. 25 in height. 4. Small statuettes, up to ca. 50 in height. , the Classical seated peplophoros C93 and the Hellenistic head H431). 5. 50 in height. Because the largestpieces are so fragmentary, the upper end of this size range cannot be determined precisely. 38 Thus, although five fabrics have been visually distinguished and described below, it is probable that all these derived from a very few clay beds, the visual variants being the result of differenthandling and firingof the clay by many hands over a period of time.

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