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By Hugo Grotius

Richard Tuck (ed.)

Grotius’s Rights of warfare and Peace is a vintage of contemporary public overseas legislation which lays the root for a common code of legislation and which strongly defends the rights of person brokers – states in addition to inner most people – to exploit their strength to safe themselves and their estate. This variation is predicated upon that of the eighteenth-century French editor Jean Barbeyrac and in addition contains the Prolegomena to the 1st variation of Rights of battle and Peace (1625); this record hasn't ever ahead of been translated into English and provides new dimensions to the good work.


Book I.
Chapter I. On conflict and Right.
Chapter II.: Inquiry Into the Lawfulness of War.
Chapter III.: The department of warfare Into private and non-private and the character of Sovereign Power.

Book II.
Chapter I. safety of individual and Property
Chapter II.: the final Rights of Things.
Chapter III.: at the unique Acquisition of items, and the suitable of estate In Seas and Rivers.
Chapter IV.: identify to abandon Lands via Occupancy, ownership, and Precription.
[Chapter V. – VIII. passed over in unique Book]
Chapter IX.: In What circumstances Jurisdiction and estate Cease.
Chapter X.: the duty bobbing up From Property.
Chapter XI.: On Promises.
Chapter XII.: On Contracts.
Chapter XIII.: On Oaths.
[Chapter XIV. passed over in unique Book]
Chapter XV.: On Treaties and On Engagements Made via Delegates, Exceeding Their Power.
Chapter XVI.: the translation of Treaties.
Chapter XVII.: On Damages Occasioned by way of harm and the duty to fix Them.
Chapter XVIII.: at the correct of Embassies.
Chapter XIX.: at the correct of Burial.
Chapter XX.: On Punishments.
Chapter XXI.: at the conversation of Punishment.
Chapter XXII.: at the Unjust motives of War.
Chapter XXIII.: On uncertain Causes.
Chapter XXIV.: Precautions opposed to Rashly conducting battle, Even Upon simply Grounds.
Chapter XXV.: The factors of project struggle For Others.

Book III.
Chapter I.: what's Lawful In War.
Chapter II.: In What demeanour the legislations of countries Renders the valuables of matters accountable for the money owed of Sovereigns. the character of Reprisals.
Chapter IV.: at the correct of Killing an Enemy In Lawful struggle, and Committing different Acts of Hostility.
Chapter V.: at the correct to put Waste an Enemy’s kingdom, and hold Off His Effects.
Chapter VI.: at the Acquisition of Territory and estate by means of correct of Conquest.
Chapter VII.: at the correct Over Prisoners of War.
Chapter VIII.: On Empire Over the Conquered.
Chapter IX.: Of the suitable of Postliminium.
[Chapter X. passed over in unique Book]
Chapter XI.: the proper of Killing Enemies, in exactly struggle, to Be Tempered With Moderation and Humanity.
Chapter XII.: On Moderation In Despoiling an Enemy’s Country.
Chapter XIII.: On Moderation In Making Captures In War.
[Chapter XIV. passed over in unique Book]
Chapter XV.: On Moderation In buying Dominion.
Chapter XVI.: On Moderation With appreciate to objects Excluded From the proper of Postliminium through the legislation of Nations.
Chapter XVII.: Respecting those who find themselves impartial In War.
Chapter XVIII.: Of Neuters In War
Chapter XIX.: On stable religion among Enemies.
Chapter XX.: at the Public religion, through which conflict Is Concluded; Comprising Treaties of Peace, and the character of Arbitration, quit Hostages, Pledges.
Chapter XXI.: On religion in the course of the Continuance of battle, On Truces, Safe-conducts, and the Redemption of Prisoners.
Chapter XXII.: at the religion On these Invested With Subordinate Powers In War.
[Chapter XXIII. passed over in unique Book]
Chapter XXIV.: On Tacit Faith.
Chapter XXV.: end.

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653 XIX. That a Thing according to Nature becomes common, as well by its Specification or Form, where the Matter is another’s, as by Confusion or Mixture. 654 XX. Nay, tho’ by Unskilfulness or Design the Matter be spoiled. 656 XXI. That it is not natural that a Thing of lesser Value should, on the Account of the other’s greater Worth, go along with it; where also other Mistakes of the Roman Lawyers are taken Notice of. 657 XXII. By Planting, Sowing, or Building upon another Man’s Ground, two Parties are naturally admitted Sharers.

Arguments for the negative Opinion, out of Holy Writ. 197 VIII. The Arguments out of Scripture for the Affirmative answered. 208 IX. The Opinion of the Primitive Christians concerning this examined. 222 the contents 5 chapter iii The Division of War into publick and private; together with an Explication of the Supreme Power. Sect. I. The Division of War into publick and private. 240 II. That every private War was not by the Law of Nature unlawful, after the erecting of Tribunals of Justice, defended with some Examples.

What we are to judge of a Promise that entitles us to something due before. 717 XI. The Manner of making a firm Promise in our own Persons. 717 XII. The Manner of confirming a Promise made by others, and of Embassadors who go beyond their Commissions. 717 XIII. How far the Master of a Ship, and Factors, are obliged by the Law of Nature, where also is observed the Error of the Roman Laws. 718 XIV. A Promise must be accepted before it can be binding. 719 XV. Whether this Acceptance should be signified to the Persons promising, explained by a Distinction.

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