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By Maurice Bloomfield

This scarce antiquarian ebook is a range from Kessinger Publishings Legacy Reprint sequence. because of its age, it might comprise imperfections akin to marks, notations, marginalia and unsuitable pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally vital, we've made it on hand as a part of our dedication to holding, retaining, and selling the worlds literature. Kessinger Publishing is where to discover thousands of infrequent and hard-to-find books with whatever of curiosity for everybody!

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Of the first book, and of these stanzas are in Books composed viii in the metre gdyatrl, or in strophes known as pragdtha, which are compounded of gdyatrl &nd jagati verse- Both the words gdyatrl and pragdtha are and show derived from the verb gai, sing," lines. " that the stanzas and strophes composed in these metres were from the start intended to be sung. " This is kind of a ing the stanzas " making which are to be memorised upon them," sdma7t-melodies. Here of accents, or text-book contain libretto, in peculiar Hindus the as also its for say, the a system notation, but appar there is with reference to the unsung sdmans.

Of this last state appear clearer after a word of explanation. Students of profane history are accustomed to see 1 will See below page 119. The 14 Veda Religion of the ancient Persia with her face turned westward. them the Persia that conquers, or to is It controls through her satrapies, Assyria and Babylonia, Pales It is to them tine, Egypt, or parts of Asia Minor. the Persia that falls down before Greece. of her greatest glory Darius day into the Behistan rock, 300 feet In the Hystaspes carved, above the ground, I.

The social inter poets, The Veda or priestly writers of the pied with their own Veda are entirely preoccu we want anything we must look to a later interests like secular records of India 23 ; if time. We do not even know exactly what a term as fam meant in those early days. as raja (rex) King," " iliar Was a Raja a great potentate, or merely a tribal chieftain We ? know that the early Vedic period The lowing of kine was ear the Vedic poet. the of to music But lovely there were also workers in metals, chariots, navi was a cattle-raising age.

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