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By Richard A. Tybout

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P. 101. 37 AEC, Twenty-Second Semiannual Report (July, 1957), pp. 78 ff. 0 INFORMATION ASSISTANCE AND OTHER PUBLIC AIDS 45 follow instructions, but checked more than one source of informa- tion in some product-classes. Where this occurred, multiple votes were divided equally between the indicated sources of information. 333 vote for each. This procedure implicitly assumes that the reason for multiple voting was that the respondent could not distinguish between the importance of the sources of information and therefore gave his multiple vote to indicate a tie.

Table 4 shows a high proportion of small product-class units through which firms are participating. One would normally expect this is to be the case in product-classes 2, 8 and 12—consultant serv- ices, radiation instruments, and radioisotopes, and perhaps also in product-class 6—fabricated shielding. What is not likely to be rea- lized is that a similar bobtail of small-parts and specialty producers is a part of all closely related nonatomic industries. Undoubtedly more large establishments (and more small ones) will appear as the reactor supply industry grows, but closer examination of the present industrial structure will show that on the basis of over-all ratios, concentration is no less marked even today in the reactor 19 Based on private discussions.

Ample grounds exist, as shown elsewhere by the author38 for expecting a concentration of prime contracts among very large firms. The major AEC production in- stallations can hardly be operated by concerns of smaller size for a variety of reasons. Large integrated administrative units are re- quired; specialty talents are essential; changes in requirements at the site have their effects on home office administration and can only be cushioned in large organizations. These and like influences help explain the fact that the firms in the employment group of 25,000 and over account for a larger percentage of the votes in column (1) (prime contracts) than in any other column.

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