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By Ron Goulart

Rescuing a princess was once recreation for Harry problem! yet how may his fearlessness fare opposed to werewolves, automatons, vampires, and a stunning reporter?

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She dropped her bag on the empty chair next to her. "Now shall we talk about Dr. " Harry opened his menu. "Might as well," he said finally. " Jennie replied, "I suspect he's a confidence man and nothing more. " "Right, exactly. That's the angle that appealed to my editor. Is Dr. Mayerling taking advantage of our gullible native aristocrats? Who is this mystery man who does business out of a haunted castle? " Jennie shrugged one shoulder. "To Daily Inquirer readers all European castles are haunted," she answered.

Lights of farmhouses flickered far off in the wet darkness. Another flash of lightning showed him a bareheaded boy riding a white mare hell-for-leather for a great yawning barn. There were several deep rumbles of thunder, drowning the clacking of the train wheels. Then Harry saw a second figure floating out there in the rain-swept night. He spun to face the corridor door, hand diving beneath his coat for his gun. "I knocked," said Jennie Barr on the threshold. " She came on in, shutting the door behind her, and settled on the other seat amid his scattered gifts.

56 RON GOULART Harry looked down to find he was standing at the very edge of a pit. Hands shaking some, he lit a match. The pit was some sort of animal trap. The bottom of it, six feet below, was lined with sharppointed sticks, all pointing up at Harry out of the grave-smelling earth. Carefully, he took a step back and then another. He turned, began making his way to the road. He thought he heard his mother call after him once, faint and far away. He kept walking away from there. " His voice was dry, rasping.

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