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By Jean-H. Guilmette

Cautioning that strategies supplied via outdoor specialists are frequently rejected or with politeness shelved, this consultant for development-assistance pros argues as an alternative for the construction of ongoing networks that linkВ managers in rising economies with colleagues inВ developed nations.В Since this collaborative version isn't really hierarchical, the dialogue explains, top-down administration suggestions need to be changed with a brand new frame of mind; examples ofВ both powerful and ineffectiveВ peer networksВ are supplied, besides particular techniquesВ for peer mentoring, negotiating, and attaining consensus in cross-cultural meetings.

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Regional Cooperation Institutions Various regions have experienced the emergence of regional organizations designed to promote more-or-less comprehensive economic and social cooperation among countries in the grouping. Membership is typically limited to countries within defined geographic parameters, often by invitation from a core group. Prominent examples include the European Economic Community, now the European Union, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). These organizations are typically mandated to facilitate a broad range of interactions and to foster closer collaboration in policy and outlook.

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This has contributed to the emergence of a wide array of new communications networks between 'North' and 'South,' between OECD countries and developing countries. The Conceptual Framework 43 Along with information sharing has come the related idea of sharing standards and measurement norms for economic and social development. The availability of standard performance indicators for economic and social development was critical for multinational companies seeking to invest in unfamiliar new markets.

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