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By Sanchez J., Canton M.

The computer pictures guide serves complex C++ programmers facing the specifics of computer photographs and software program. Discussions address:2D and 3D snap shots programming for home windows and DOSDevice-independent graphicsMathematics for computing device graphicsGraphics algorithms and procedural operationsPC video platforms structure, together with its background and developmentHigh-end photographs structures and coprocessorsArtificial lifeVirtual realityAnimation recommendations for simulations and video gamesVGA, SuperVGA, and VESADevice driversGraphics and animation primitives The authors hide the spectrum of computer pix programming, together with theoretical and useful subject matters - making a singularly entire source for programmers.

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DirectX functionality is part of Windows 95, 98, and NT and Microsoft provides, free of charge, a complete development package that includes a tutorial, support code, and sample programs. Furthermore, developers are given license to provide DirectX runtime code with their products with automatic installation that can be made transparent to the user. Chapter 2 Polygonal Modeling Topics: • Vector and raster images • Coordinate systems • Polygonal representations • Triangles and meshes This chapter is about how graphics objects are represented and stored in a database.

It is not interleaved nor does it require memory planes or pixel masking. Although it is similar to VGA mode number 19 regarding color encoding, VGA mode number 19 does not use bank switching. 5 Graphics Coprocessors and Accelerators A group of video systems based on dedicated graphics chips is perhaps the one most difficult to characterize and delimit. They can be roughly described as those systems in which graphics performance is enhanced by means of specialized graphics hardware that operates independently from the CPU.

Here we mention a few systems of historical interest in the evolution of PC graphics. 1 The TMS340 Coprocessor One of the first full-featured dedicated graphics coprocessors used in the PC was the TMS 340 graphics coprocessor developed by Texas Instruments. The chip was introduced in 1986 and an upgrade, labeled TMS 34020, in 1990. The project was not a commercial success and in 1993 Texas Instruments started discouraging the development of new products based on the TMS340 chips. However, from 1988 to 1993 these coprocessors were incorporated into many video products, including several high-end video adapters, some of which were capable of a resolution of 1280-by-1024 pixels in more than 16 million colors.

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