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  • March 28, 2017
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By Alexander Weygers

Книга для любителей кузнечного дела.

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T"e to ""'I. T~nc! jng fot'gillg the cup end.. 'l'I/et' hatl1me'1" 46 -- This tool resembles a center punch and is made similarly. However, the end that is struck with a mild-steel hammer can be forged with a sharp-edged "cup" shape. This sharp, hardened edge bites into the hammer and prevents it from glancing off. To make the cup-shape, stand at the anvil as shown, using the hammer and tongs as the arrows indicate. Temper both ends as a cold chisel. Q DecorativeTreatment: Rosettes and Wallhooks DECORATIVE ROSETTES Decorative rosettes can be made from all sorts of small steel-scrap items.

The fastening bolts, used for such special hinges, can have decorative hammering on the heads as well. In a variation of the foregoing gate-hinge design, one element is forged to fit around the post (see the cross section). Used with a tie bolt, it clamps wall and post together. This is an example of the opportunity you have to design hinges to suit special situations. HINGE FOR A WOODBOX BENCH This practical hinge design is used on a woodbox bench, as illustrated. A long hinge pin, driven into the wood of the bench, secures the hinge arm at the back of the bench to the end of the other hinge arm that binds the box lid together.

Or, if the nail head is patinated a straw yellow, it will shine like gold surrounded by' rainbow colors. Such rosettes can be made into drawer pulls and other artifacts. arae&. > ,...... ~ . sp~c1a1 la~e dia. 11- hanul1er . Other Simple Decorative Forgings Made from Scrap Steel Discarded automobile-engine valves are ideally shaped for making rosette spikes, as the illustrations show. Although this steel is very hard, it is not temperable or hard enough for making cutting tools. For small decorative items, these valves must be heated to a very hot light-yellow-to-white before this special composition of steel will become malleable enough to yield to heavy hammer blows: We are dealing here with a type of steel that is made to stay hard while hot (the engines in which they are used create such heat).

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