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The 1st complete research of the classical legend of Thebes within the center a long time.

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Volume II. Thebaid, Books 5-12. Achilleid (Loeb Classical Library)

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Even after Sicily came under Christian rule, communities of Muslims continued to live on the island for over two hundred years, and Sicily remained an intersection of trade between the Muslim Kingdom, the Greek East and the Latin West. Sardinia, where “Antenor” comes from, occupied a similarly ambiguous position in western geography as a Mediterranean center of trade serving Latin, Muslim and Greek interests. Corinth, where “Caeroz” comes from, lay within the Byzantine empire. In 1147, just a few years before the Thèbes was composed, Roger II of Sicily invaded the Greek peninsula and robbed Corinth, the region’s chief fortress, of its treasures.

52 What Super Thebaiden lacks in length and influence, it makes up for in ingenuity. It transforms the Thebaid into a psychomachia, each character representing a 53 different spiritual state or concept. The struggle at Thebes becomes spiritual warfare. 54 It overrides the poem’s authority by defining the source of that authority, and the Pseudo-Fulgentius commentary operates precisely in such a way. Its allegoresis hinges on a series of etymologies, often clumsy, of proper names and place names.

48 Adrastus, too, has crusader connections: he is the nephew of Flori, who took the city of Tarse “quant il ocist le roi de Persse” (4296) [“when he killed the king of Persia” (trans. ). In the Roland, the Saracens remark at the white beards of the Franks spread over their hauberks (Roland 3087), and Charlemagne is prominent for his large, white beard (3654). Another Greek soldier, Alexander of Moncensis (4812), is identified as the son of Boniface from Lombardy, based on Boniface of Montferrat, a prominent figure in the Fourth Crusade.

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