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By Joseph Campbell

A part of a sequence of 4 books that appears at international mythologies. This booklet examines japanese mythology because it built into the exact religions of Egypt, India, China and Japan.

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As her head was covered some time before the finger of her right hand, I had an opportunity of observing whether any regret was manifested; but the finger moved round in the same manner as at first, till the earth closed the scene. Not a parting tear was observed to be shed by any of her relations, till the crowd began to disperse, when the usual lamentations and howling commenced without sorrow. 63 We may compare with this Professor Reisner's reconstruction of the burial rites of the great provincial governor, Prince Hepzefa, in the largest of the tumuli of the Nubian cemetery at Kerma, which must have taken place, according to his calculation, some time between 1940 and 1880 B .

For this was the tomb and necropolis of King Narmer. The neighboring tomb, of a certain King Sma, though equally formidable, lacked an associated necropolis. However, the one next to that, of about the same size, had beside it two very large subsidiary graves—and the name of its pharaoh, Aha-Mena, has been identified by some authorities with Menés. There is therefore some question as to which of these three was the actual first pharaoh, uniter of ihe Two Egypts; no question, however, as to who were interred in the additional dwellings of these subterranean estates.

Not the seizure itself, but its liturgy and associated arts, went forth to the winds; and these were applied, then, to alien purposes, adjusted to new geographies, and to very different psychological structures from that of the ritually sacrificed godkings. We may take as example the case of the mythologies of Egypt, which for the period of c. 2800-1800 B X . are the best documented in the world. Frazer has shown that the myths of the dead and resurrected god Osiris so closely resemble those of Tammuz, Adonis, and Dionysos as to be practically the same, and that all were related in the period of their prehistoric development to the rites of the killed and resurrected divine king.

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