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By Louis L'Amour

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He reached around with his other hand and picked up his beer, and drank it, watching them. Foster was standing across the room, his back to the bar. ” he suggested. “I don’t want any more shooting in here. ” “Sure,” I said, and holstered my gun. Deliberately I started for the door. Tampico Rocca had been called a greaser, so he took his time. He put his glass down gently and he smiled at them. ” Outside in the street we ducked into an alley and stood listening for footsteps, but hearing none, we walked away.

Glad to meet you, Mr. Hadden,” I said gently. ” He kind of flushed up, and I could see he was off his step, somehow. He’d come walking up to fight, and my talk had put him off. Also, that name meant nothing to me, and I never was one to put much stock in reputations, anyway. Rocca had let me talk; he just sat quiet, but I’d come up the trail from Yuma with Tampico Rocca, and knew he was no man to buy trouble with. Arch Hadden had lost step, and he tried to get back again. ” Rocca came to his feet in one smooth, easy movement.

I’d shaved, all right, but my hair was long and shaggy, and of course I was packing a six-shooter as well as a bowie knife, and carrying a Winchester. Mrs. Wallen, who ran the place, remembered me from a while back. “How do you do, Mr. Sackett,” she said. ” “Four of us did,” I said dryly. ” Titus looked around at me. ” “Some,” I said, and took a seat at a table near the wall where I could see the door and could stand my rifle in a corner. ” “I was lucky,” I said. Mrs. Wallen, who knew hungry men, as any frontier woman would, was already at the table with a cup and a pot of coffee.

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