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By Eugene Ehrlich

Contributor note: advent through Richard Lederer

Between television speak indicates, radio call-in courses, e-mail and the web, spontaneous-talk media has skyrocketed within the '90s. individuals are interacting extra usually and extra fervently than ever prior to, turning the English language into an indecipherable mess.

Now, this particular and concise compendium provides the main stressed and misused phrases within the language this day -- phrases misused by way of careless audio system and writers in all places. It defines, discerns and distinguishes the finer issues of feel and which means. used to be it fortuitous or basically lucky? Are you attempting to consider, or extra absolutely recall? Is he bored to death or disinterested? Is it healthy or fit, regretful or regrettable, infamous or notorious?

The solutions to those and plenty of extra attention-grabbing etymological questions are available in the pages of this priceless (or is it valuable?) reference.

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Legal restriction of air traffic within a country's borders. cachet (ka-SHAY) noun, plural cachets (ka-SHAYZ) 1. prestige, superior status. 2. a sign of approval, especially one given by a person who is highly regarded. 3. an official seal, as on a document. cachexia (ke-KEK-see-e) noun general ill health causing chronic debility. Related word: cachectic (ke-KEK-tik), cachectical, and cachexic (ke-KEK-sik) all adjectives. cachinnate (KAK-e-NAYT) verb laugh loudly or immoderately. Related words: cachinnation and cachinnator both nouns, cachinnat­ ory (KAK-e-ne-TOR-ee) adjective.

Merry, joyous, cheerful. 2. carefree, heedless; without thought or regard. Related words: blitheful adjective, blithefully and blithely both ad­ verbs, blitheness noun. blithesome (BLITH-sem) adjective cheery. Related words: blithesomely adverb, blithesomeness noun. bloc (blok) noun a group of persons, legislators, nations etc. united for a purpose. Do not confuse bloc with block, which has many meanings, but not that of bloc. bolus (BOH-les) noun, plural boluses 1. a large medicinal pill. 2. a roundish mass, especially a mass of chewed food.

Destructive, malignant. 2. full of menacing influences. Related words: balefully adverb, balefulness noun. banal (be-NAL) adjective devoid of freshness, commonplace, trite. Related words: banality (be-NAL-i-tee) noun, banally (be-NAL-ee) adverb. baneful (BAYN-fel) adjective poisonous, deadly; pernicious. Related words: banefully adverb, banefulness noun. 20 / Eugene Ehrlich barbarism (BAHR-be-RIZ-em) noun 1. a word or phrase not in accordance with normal standards; the use of such a word. 2. an uncivilized state or condition.

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