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By Leslie C. Allen

Those that have studied the LXX have usually suffered the various tortures of Tantalus: the pride of important discoveries turns out regularly to be nearby, yet, just like the fruit which hung over Tantalus' head, the discoveries continually recede earlier than the outstretched hand. The approaches of textual feedback are tricky sufficient in classical works, but if all of the difficulties attached with the traditions of the Bible are extra, it's most unlikely to set up with absolute walk in the park the unique textual content, for, as G. Zuntz saw, "the actual examining could be preserved via the consensus of all witnesses, or in a single overdue inconspicuous manuscript or in none, and virtually all of the intermediate chances do truly occur." back, while one offers with the relation of the LXX to the MT, extra problems come up, for the MT used to be absolutely now not the textual content the LXX translators used, and one needs to try to realize the family members of 2 Vorlagen, for either one of which the proof and traditions are obscure.

For a majority of these quite a few problems, Allen, in those volumes, has made a major contribution to our wisdom of the LXX. His examine is a cautious comparability among the simplest texts of the LXX and the MT of Chronicles. If one accepts, as Allen does, the basis that the LXX translators have been utilizing a Hebrew textual content which used to be primarily the MT, then the author's factors for the Greek adaptations are legitimate and useful.

The moment quantity of his learn is worried with exhibiting how a variety of Greek passages don't accurately translate the MT because of such mistakes as confusion of consonants, dittography, haplography, parablepsis, etc. different ameliorations consequence from a textual content with various vocalization or perhaps varied phrases. the amount is dedicated to a categorised record of those discrepancies within the texts. Allen is back cautious to provide the conclusions of previous students in addition to his personal concerning the transformations.

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9,10. The error was basically a fL/v one. The translator omitted part of the Heb phrase as superfluous. 1 Benzinger, Kittel, BBOT, Curtis, Rothstein and BH posit ci1'::lI;l~, but it is exceedingly difficult to see how this reading could have arisen. ). v. ). ibid. ), probably via N/M/A. 4. ,~: NwpwYjA. ). v. ). ), cf. v. 6. Was N originally a correction of M" which displaced A? ). v. ,lll: AfLUP G : Avup * (Albright, "List of Levitic Cities", p. ). Eu7T4>€tfL*. , v. 15 CE)n : A7T4>m B (AfL4>t C2), AfL4>€tV G (II / M) : A7T4>EtfL *, A 7T4>€tfL f.

35 ADDITION v. ), as in v. 44. ), cf. 7. ). ,m* (aljE). ,'rm,: Q8'rjPH G : Mav8H : Q8'rjp z. ). 28. 7 '''~T: E~EKPEL B a h (-KH C2) : (E~EK[a, v. 12 in the next column (11 lines away in BM) : ZEKPL *. ,a L R. ). B sometimes commits this type of error while the correct form is preserved elsewhere in the group. ,izr: lwaaap B : EALW8 : laaap C2 L R. ,Tli" (BH) is hardly presupposed. ,aaH* (eie). v. ). , : AaKEH h. W ords and phrases are frequently added from the context. conjunction. 4 1:1 'mli : KaI, rW8H KaI, vt6, G (R), mechanically following the pattern of KaI, Mavaaa'rj.

V. 24 n,t: Zapes G : Zapee *, cf. 43 n,i' : Kopee. 64/79 n1~ii': Kaoafl-ws B (-aAa- C2) : Kaoafl-wB e. ) = EBBeL 0 R. 1 Philo's Bible, p. 87 note 4. 20 'K'n': Et87JA B ( ... H8 HA S, ... H/1- HA C2) : Iut7JA *, as L in v. 18, via IE7JA d p. 4 '1'1tzinil: 6)wau8H B, 6)oauaw8H C2 : 6 Qau8H *. Ziegler, Beiträge, p. , sees here a xj8 error. 7 'ltzi'l: llupoao/1- C2 (-aw/1- B) : TEpaWVt* via Ttap-* (TIjll) by metathesis for Tutpawvt * (also NI jM). BH wrongly claims 1,tzi'l as the Vorlage. 7 '11'131: TOOVH G : To8vt 0 (Wutz, p.

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