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By John France, Neithard Bulst, Paul Reynolds

The monk Rodulfus Glaber is healthier recognized for his 5 Books of the Histories, an important resource of knowledge on occasions within the first half the eleventh century and the existence and regarded an 11th-century monk. This variation, the 1st due to the fact that 1866, provides the single serious textual content of the Histories besides an entire translation and whole historic remark. together with shiny debts of the millennium, actual and fake relics, church development, and visions of saints and demons, this variation additionally comprises Glaber's lifetime of his mentor, St. William of Dijon, the popular monastic reformer.

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17-22. 5 v. 23-5. See above, pp. xx~iv-xxxv. 6 Syrus, Vita Sancti Maio/i, iii. 4 (PL cxxxvii. 767). ' 1. v. 23. 8 Dutton, 'Glaber's "De Divina Quaternitate"', points out that the sources for this chapter are evident in the two surviving catalogues of the abbey of Cluny. J. ', Revue Mabi//on, xlvii (1957), 172-82, stresses the eminence of this library, for the contents of which see A. Wilmart, 'Le convent et la bibliotheque de Cluny vers le milieu du XI' sieclc', Revue Mabi/lon, xi (1921), 92-4 for a list compiled in 1042 or 1043 and L.

I. 5· 1 1 · 4 SOURCES AND REFERENCES xlvii well informed about the house ofBlois, it is possible that this may be a family story. Glaber's work does bear some resemblance to the Chronicle of Adhemar of Chabannes at a number of points; but it is unlikely that this is due to direct borrowing or a common source. Since Adhemar died in ro33 he could hardly have used Glaber's work, but it is possible that Glaber used his, or that both used some unknown common source. Adhemar's text has come down to us in three versions: the H text, which represents an original draft by Adhemar; the A text, which is a further draft; and the C text, which was his flnal version.

I- I. i. 4> r. iii. 7· r. iv. 8; 3· Preface. I - r. Preface. I, 2. vii. 14; 3· i. 4 - 3· Preface. 1; 3· v. IS - r. iv. 9; 4· Preface. I - 3· Preface. 1 and 3· ix. 38; 4- iii. 7 (St William) - 3· v. I6, 3· ix. 35, 40, xl INTRODUCTION: HISTORICAL very start a whale beached in Normandy gives an excuse for telling the story ofSt Brendan and the whale, and serves as a portent for the wars in the west and north. 1 In this part of the work Glaber mentions Britain for the only time; the information he gives is nonsense, and he is even ill informed about Normandy.

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