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By Dragan Bujosevic, Ivan Radovanovic

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His father hadn’t lived to see the new Serbia, either. ” Now, hearing Velja, he knew he hadn’t lied. ” He wanted to make sure the dedicated and resolute fans of the Red Star soccer team were on board. “Everything’s ready, Velja. ” Velja Ilic shouted into the telephone. He was already approaching the town of Celije, speeding ahead at the front of the convoy that had now spread across both lanes of the Ibar Highway. The road was theirs alone. After they passed Ljig they ran into a new roadblock near the mill at the town of Lajkovac.

Milder responded to the encouragement with the Serbian three-fingered salute. He was on the last bus in the convoy. In the first bus, Sekula, Bubac, and Gigo from Kraljevo were standing between the seats, holding onto straps for balance. All three of them were in their combat gear. Sekula, a judo champion all in blue—blue sweat suit, sneakers, and jacket. There were a number of young girls on the bus. “God only knows what they want out of all this,” thought Sekula. At 7:30, in the village of Milocaj, about nine miles from Kraljevo, they ran into the first roadblock.

Screamed Velja. The tanker driver, curled up on the asphalt, stopped screaming. He was no longer surrounded by the mob of angry men. They were already running, fists clenched, toward the police officer, Igor in the lead again. Behind them, the whole of Cacak was roaring. The man in the blue uniform tried to reach the highway. They caught him near the shoulder of the road. ” Velja told someone on the telephone later. ” 52 THE FALL OF MILOSEVIC The other police ran. The trucks and the tanker were shoved aside.

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