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By Janice Greene

Simply 32-pages every one paperback books for suffering readers power-packed with interpreting leisure. listed below are forty exiting hi-lo novels with a variety of topics sure to hold your pupil turning the pages until eventually the very finish!

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Bobby looked at her, wondering what she was thinking. They drove on in silence. Marisol took a Barbie doll out of her backpack and cuddled it drowsily. Michael slumped against her, his eyes closed. Ramon stared out the window, looking worried. Bobby sneaked glances at Laina, who was looking straight ahead. 29 Suddenly, he was feeling shy and embarrassed. He wondered if she remembered the crazy things he’d said to her back on the porch. Why did he tell her that her face was the only thing that would keep him going?

Her voice was confident and proud. Bobby’s heart swelled in his chest. He made a vow that Laina would always say, “This is Bobby,” with the same pride in her voice. Somehow he knew he could make that happen.

The streets looked as if they’d been hit by a bomb. Bobby steered around a satellite dish, a dead raccoon, a ragged pile of yellow insulation, and a file cabinet. Many houses had no roofs. Some had their walls torn away. Long pieces of metal had rammed into the side of a bus. A tall man with a beard stood on the sidewalk. He was holding a hair dryer, looking exhausted and confused. Finally, they reached the shelter. It was a mob scene. Just to get inside, they waited in line over an hour. Then a white-haired man with a nametag reading “Jimmy” checked them in at a card table in the doorway.

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