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By Elspeth Leacock

This reference info the timeline of the oil spill, interpreting purposes for the coincidence, the inefficient process that impeded cleanup efforts, and the results of the huge spill at the pristine setting of Prince William Sound, Alaska.

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The mussel colony is much smaller, maybe due to otters foraging for food or other natural causes. At this time, it cannot yet be concluded that oil has had an effect on reproductive rates of the mussel species. There is fresh algae growth on the beach side of the rock, indicating the resurgence of new life. New species of seaweed can now be seen on the rock at low tide. The seaweed and algae hide colonies of barnacles and mussels. Upon close inspection, eelgrass can be seen in the water surrounding the boulder.

I’d like to see a couple of people go in, in a shallow draft boat, with three buckets and one of these jerry-built [homemade] devices . . and very quietly clean up those horrible pools of oil. I’m afraid you’re going to send a multimillion-dollar operation in. And I’m afraid it’s going to do more damage than good. However, Exxon refused to use these methods. The oil company did not see how average people using rags, rakes, and buckets could treat a spill of this size. According to some locals, Exxon believed that the images of the slow-going, labor-intensive work were bad for business.

Ott hitched a ride on a small plane to Valdez on a fact-finding mission. As she flew over the Exxon Valdez, she saw the tanker, now with the Exxon Baton Rouge alongside, through the blue haze of the oil fumes. She saw the huge, shimmering slick of freshly spilled crude and nothing else. There were no booms to contain the slick, no skimmers—nothing. As far as she could see, nothing was on the way, either. Meanwhile, Lamb was calling the local fishers who owned boats. M. (AKST) that day, 30 boats were ready and 52 The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill waiting to go clean up oil.

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