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With 300m crossings of the Mexico-United States border each year, a determined terrorist will always get through, say Mr Fox's aides. Far better to catch him in Mexico, and in Washington last week Mr Fox offered unprecedented help in doing so. After the attack, Mexico held and questioned hundreds of people of Middle Eastern origin, in an American-directed manhunt. Now, says Mr Fox, let's extend that cooperation, with immigration and customs agencies in the three countries passing each other intelligence on the movements of potential terrorists.

Twice is coincidence. ” Goldfinger's warning to James Bond has taken on a new and frightening resonance for people in Boca Raton. On October 10th, a 35-year-old employee of American Media, a tabloid publisher in the Florida town, tested positive for exposure to anthrax. She was the third case in several days. On October 5th, one employee had died from the disease. The second infection came in one of the victim's close colleagues. Neither he nor the new patient has yet developed the disease. Officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Centres for Disease Control have descended on Boca Raton, closing off the publishing house and testing almost 1,000 employees and visitors for anthrax infection.

Rather than demanding a halt to American action against Afghanistan, as many of their people might have wished, the ministers pushed for assurances that the American-led campaign against terrorism would not spill over to other Muslim countries. They also set up a fund to aid the Afghan people—who, incidentally, were not represented. All this was welcome in Washington, yet the ministers did not deliver a blank cheque to America and its allies. While broadly supporting a war against terrorism, they were also keen to define its causes and objectives.

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