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  • March 28, 2017
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By Theokritos Kouremenos, George M. Parássoglou, Kyriakos Tsantsanoglou

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An ordered lattice of total potential V2 (r) inside of the vacuum space is thus created. Fig. 4 nm. SiO2 (111) –vacuum– SiO2 (100) system as depicted in Fig. 2 caption. 4 Conclusions The structural and total interaction potentials in the vacuum space between two dielectric β-cristobalite crystal slabs with symmetrical bulk properties and different surface features have been calculated with the use of the Green’s function applied to the non-local Poisson equation. Calculations of the structural potential V2st (r) in the hyperfine vacuum space show that the inclusion of spatial dispersion effects in the inductivity functions ε1,3 (k) leads to two results: (1) a continuity of the image force potential V0 (x) and the total potential V2 (r) on the slabs and (2) an increase of the V2st (r) contribution as compared to that predicted by local electrostatics.

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