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By Ron Goulart, Swarhole

Publication via Ron Goulart

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Christ. I forgot to ask Dr. " "This is the eve of your second day, my boy. " The magician was watching him closely. " He resumed his downward climb. " "Inspector Swann is, with the help and cooperation of the Urbanian police, making a thorough and detailed—" "You sound like a police department handout, Lorenzo. " The magician was panting now. "Not that I expected, oh, an illuminated scroll or even a small pewter loving cup," he said. "Yet, after pulling strings, cutting red tape, moving heaven and earth to retrieve your pitiful broken body from the flinders at the side of the—" "That's how they knew where I was.

He got, according to Allegre,, quite excited on his last day there. Left abruptly at midday, never to return. " "I did, and it turns out his reputation of late has been sort of unsavory," the auburn-haired reporter replied. "He'd been a reputable scholar up until two years ago, which is, why Allegre let him hang around. His special fields are Egyptology and Orientology. " Harry leaned back, glancing up at the deepening night overhead. "Fodorsky must've found out something about the obelisk, something Courdard and his colleagues may not've been aware of.

Orchardson poked the stem of the emerald-dyed carnation into his doughy chin as he glanced toward the wide windows at the front of the room. The rain was pelting the thick panes. " "He's certainly aware of you. " The Great Lorenzo pushed his fez to a more jaunty angle. " Orchardson waved the green carnation at Logo. "You'd best start bringing in the torture implements," he said. " His pale lips seemed to disappear into his flesh as he smiled. " Orchardson plucked a few petals from the flower and suffered another fit of laughter.

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