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By Dalene I. Kelly

This black and white textual content includes over a hundred styles, the entire selection of formerly released and unpublished Beaded Flower styles designed by way of Dalene Kelly. whereas many of the styles use the "French" approach, "Victorian" and "Ganutell" kinds also are brought.

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Cut the twisted flower stem to 1/2”. Dip the entire 1/2” stem in clear craft glue, and allow it to dry overnight. Complete the other 4 flowers in the same manner. Veil I. Wash your hands thoroughly before beginning. 2. Measure 3” up from the tip of each leg of the headband. Make a small pencil mark on the top back edge. Measure the distance between the marks, and divide it by 4. This is the distance between flowers. Measure each one and make a small pencil mark. You now should have 5 marks and 5 flowers.

Make 2 (green) as follows: 1· Leave 1" of bare wire. 2·Make one four-row crossover loop, using 5" of beads for the first loop 3·End with 1" of bare wire, cut from the spool, bring ends together, and twist. ASSEMBLY 1· Lightly, tape the stem wire. 2· Slip the red bud inside the bud sepal. 3· Fold two 12" pieces of 24-gauge wire in half and slip them down through the bud and sepal. 4· Twist the wires together and wrap floral tape around the top 3". Set aside. S· Use assembly wire to attach the small loops to the top of the stem wire.

Lace all segments. Make 2 (green): 2 1/2” basic, eight rows. l. Use the 20-gauge wire that was cut from the two-segment leaf to stiffen. 2. End at the top. 3. Leave 12" of beading wire and cut. ASSEMBLY 1. Choose the three leaves that will have buds and set them aside. 2. With the "right" sides out, hold three petals (one in front, two in back) so that the beaded bases are even with the top of a segmented leaf. The petal wires should be pointed up along the bare 20-gauge wire (upside-down), as shown.

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