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By Paul Mallender

The Civil Partnership Act is a big piece of social laws and is meant to create a wholly new felony framework for same-sex who desire to 'marry'. Written via relatives legislations practitioners with a mixed perform adventure of over fifty years, The Civil Partnership Act 2004: a realistic advisor presents a transparent, concise clarification of the recent laws. The booklet spans the life of a courting, from getting into the civil partnership, its effects by way of monetary and relatives preparations, to useful advice on how the partnership is dissolved and the implications of breakdown and loss of life.

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3 Her Majesty’s forces Section 245(2) of the Act provides that this expression has the same meaning as in the Army Act 1955. 211(3)). 3 Ships are included By section 211(5) any reference to a country or territory outside the UK, to forces serving in such country or territory and to persons employed in such a country or territory includes references to ships which are for the time being in the waters of a country or territory outside the UK, to forces serving on any such ship and to persons employed on any such ship.

6 Civil Partnership Act 2004 – a practical guide (4) Although he or she is not required to give notice, the non-resident partner must nonetheless have been issued with a certificate of no impediment. In the case of a partner who is a non-resident by virtue of being resident in Scotland, the certificate of no impediment is issued under section 97 of the Act; if a non-resident by reason of living in Northern Ireland, the relevant certificate will be issued under section 150 of the Act; and, in the case of a member of Her Majesty’s forces who is serving outside the UK, the no impediment certificate must be issued under section 239 of the Act.

The method to be adopted is for the person whose consent is required to give any registration authority written notice that he forbids it. Any written notice must specify the name of the person giving it together with his place of residence and the capacity, in relation to either of the proposed civil partners, in which he forbids the issue of the civil partnership schedule. 8 Duty of the registration authority The registration authority must, as soon as is practicable after receiving the notice forbidding the issue of the civil partnership schedule, record in the register the fact that it has been received (paragraph 6(4) of Schedule 2).

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