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By J. J. Hurtak

Second version, Copyright 1982, Very fresh, rarely learn replica.

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26 The third night of evolution, Divya-Ratri, is the formation of a singular sun system moving within K E Y IO'J I()-34 the initial energy field to become the circular-cubic matrix, the central form in the magnetic fields of turbulence. 27 And as i t spirals out of the energy field we u n d e r s t a n d how stars condense o u t of a galactic cloud by gravitational collapse. At this stage of star evolution, matter and anti-matter have separated due to radiation pressure. 28 At some point in time within star evolution, the star, either in the matter or the anti-matter phase, has condensed sufficiently to produce enough heat for nuclear fusion to occur.

That encompasses the zones of initiation), there are five special keys that are to be understood in the transference of power. -858 In this region, astronomical-/ consciousness scrolls will be found to explain how a great cataract of fire shall open the magnetism of this Eon and legions of beings shall descend on the length and breadth of the earth to receive the righteous who are the gatherers of the treasures of faith. " -359 In this sacred region in the "midst of the Earth," the elect will be seen as the Messianic Key holders, the Priesthood of Ur, explaining how the circle of the Earth's axis a n d the arc of alpha Draconis will be opened a n d removed from the mid-heavens.

58-64 108-47-57 with our S u n supporting the energy functions of the Earth. 48 Through this complex crystalline form, human life and various degrees of extraterrestrial life can all share the local life space in the energy fields of the same orb only on different lattice grids. 49 Seen from the perspective of the Higher Evolution, life upon this planetary orb is a radiated series of biological events primarily latticelike in nature. Through the crystalline lattice, the Higher Evolution controls the various biological kingdoms by organizing the intergravitational and interradiational effects of lattice merging with lattice.

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