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By Christopher Key Chapple, Huston Smith, Winthrop Sargeant

An interlinear variation of the religious vintage that offers devanagari, transliterated Sanskrit, and English types of the Gita.

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Iin because he knew of his reincarnation and considered him to be a woman. <;iu, officially the son of King Vicitravirya but actually the son of Vicitravirya's half brother Vyasa by Ambalika. tra, who was the son of Vyasa by Ambika. tra had a hundred sons. ma as advisor. Par_l<;fu had two wives- Kunti, daughter of Sura, a Yadava king (who was also the father of Vasudeva, Krishna's father, thus making Kunti Krishna's aunt), and Madri, another princess. <;iu had the misfortune to kill a deer which was copulating with its mate and which was really a sage in disguise.

Kunti, his chief wife, remained to take care of the children while Madri, as has been related, committed suttee. ma. tra (the Kaurava princes) in typical boyish rivalry and general high spirits. But Bhima was something of a bully. tra with his arms and holding them under water until their breaths gave out, and when they climbed trees he would shake the trunks until they fell out like ripe fruit. tra hated Bhima from infancy. thira, might succeed to the throne instead of himself. u. thira into prison, and seize the throne himself.

Hedgehog (hejhog). " " , French bon, or as in hinge (hinge). " " ,, true. " " , , anth ill. " , drum. " " , redhead. " " , none. " " , tone or tub. " " , , nuthatch. " , dot (slightly toward the th sound). " " , adhere. " " , nut or thin. " " , pot or hip. " " , uphill or shepherd. " " , beer or rub. " " , , abhor. " , man or ham. " " , young or royal. " " , , red or shear. " , law or lead. " " like w in twine or wind. " as m sure. " , , shut or bush. " , , sin or hiss. " , hero or hit. " " " " " " " When attached to consonants, vowel marks are as follows: ' above the line = e (as in cl" te).

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