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By Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Within the breathtaking end to this robust fable trilogy, our heroine, referred to now asTahquil, has eventually regainedmuch of her reminiscence and embraced her heritage and her quest: to forestall the conflict that's raging within the land of Erith. For she by myself holds the most important to the Gate of Oblivion's Kiss, the one wayback to the paranormal land of Faeran, domestic to the squabbling king and prince on the middle of the dispute. Now, because the variety of casualties at the entrance traces grows, and along with her personal cherished Thorn lacking in motion, Tahquil's time is operating out. She needs to race throughout Erith and solid the warmongers out...before all is misplaced.

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They made no more attempts to dine on the cocoons. "'Tis a wonder they didn't bring us dead birds," said Caitri. "Here no birds sing," said Tahquil. " "Not I. I am sated on sweetmeats," said Viviana with her mouth full of honeyed blossom. "Who ever would have thought that one could eat flowers! " "We eat cauliflower," said Caitri. " She wrinkled her nose. "And Sugared violets, and rose petals," added Tahquil, biting a fruit. Caitri looked up at the high canopy, dim and gray, sparsely raining leaves.

Caitri writhed on the ground, clutching her shin. Tahquil threw off her pack, heedless of scattering foodstuffs. She hoisted the little girl under the armpits and dragged her away. Viviana snatched the knapsack and followed, using both packs as a shield against the darts that zoomed from the forest. Down a grassy slope they struggled. Caitri now hung limp in Tahquil's arms, a dead weight. The shooting decreased as the targets drew out of range, and finally, when for the space of about fifty yards there had been no more thumps of eldritch arrows hitting bundles, Tahquil heard Viviana cry, "Hola!

We move within their domain—never forget it. Over us they have the power of life and death. " They negotiated the second flying-fox in the same manner as the first. It brought them to a similar tree in similar surroundings. "This sameness proves irksome," said Viviana. " "'Tis impossible that we should be going in circles," declared Caitri. " As if to mock these words, the next garlanded flying-fox veered off on a diagonal, bringing them this time to a platform within view of other enshelfed autarkens that were strung together by rigging.

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