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By Andrew Soltis

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Different corticosteroids have been used (cortisone acetate in the Swedish studies and hydrocortisone in the UK study), the cardiovascular mortality was almost the same (table 2). Mortality and Morbidity of the Hypopituitary Patient 23 Table 2. Relative risks (RR) for cardiovascular mortality in patients with hypopituitarism Study Observed number Expected number RR 95% CI Rosén and Bengtsson [20] Bates et al. [23]1 Bülow et al. [21] Bates et al. [24]2 Tomlinson et al. 54 1 2 Included in Tomlinson et al.

F. Casanuevac, E. Ghigob a Neuroendocrine Unit, Institute of Endocrinology, University Clinical Center, Belgrade, Serbia; bDivision of Endocrinology, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Turin, Turin, Italy; cEndocrine Section, Complejo Hospitalario, University Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, Spain Hypopituitarism is a heterogeneous disease with diverse underlying diagnosis. Its clinical manifestations vary and may be mild, moderate or severe depending on the number of pituitary hormones affected, rapidity of its onset and age of the patients.

5) had occurred. 13). Thus, a tendency for a decreased overall tumor risk, however not statistically significant, was noted, especially when excluding brain and endocrine tumors. Brada et al. [31] observed no increased incidence for tumors located outside the cranial cavity in a cohort of 334 patients irradiated for pituitary tumors. However, patients with acromegaly were not excluded and no information on hypopituitarism was provided, which makes a comparison with the previous study from Erfurth et al.

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