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By Valery Kolev, Christina Koulouri (eds)

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In 1909, the mansion was bought by the 3rd Corps of the Ottoman army and in 1912 it was taken over by the Greek army. Abdul-Hamid II was forced to live in Villa Allatini after the failure of the counter-revolution and his dethronement in April 1909; he was transferred back to Istanbul in October 1912 when the Greek troops were approaching. The Jewish family of Allatini was one of the richest in Salonica and owned two of the largest industries of the city (the Allatini brickworks and the Allatini flour mill, established in 1880 and 1882 respectively).

What were its usages –for recreation or for transport? Do you know what the reactions to women riding bicycles were? Overall questions on Chapter Ib Write a chronology of technological changes in your country in the late 19th and early 20th century: electricity, automobile, gas, telephone etc. Find information on the means of transport in your country in the late 19th and early 20th century. Ic. Culture X v9. 12. 34 THE BALKAN WARS How are the students dressed? Do you know if there were separate schools for girls and boys in your country?

II–2. The ideology of sacrifice, by a Romanian soldier For a man, in the prime of life, to unhesitatingly go to the battlefield, knowing very well that he might die there, for him to give up the most powerful instinct, the one of self-preservation, serenely walking towards the mouth of a gun, that man has to fulfil some moral conditions, to be convinced that through his sacrifice he will free his own people from oppression, or that, although he or his own people will not lose or win, the bloodshed will serve his country and fellow men.

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